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AAA Certified understand the importance owners place on rectifying maintenance issues quickly and with as little disruption to occupants as possible. To enable us to do this, we have available a wide range of local contractors refined over the years by us, with proven track records to provide good quality workmanship, reliability and cost effectiveness.
AAA Certified has also developed working relationships with other professionals, for example, waterproofing engineers and quantity surveyors. We know who to call for fast efficient and effective results.

Body Corporate Law & Regulations

Body Corporate
All owners are deemed to be part of a body corporate on the purchase of a strata title property. The body corporate has a responsibility to maintain the common property in good condition for the benefit of all members.

In Queensland, bodies corporate are governed by the Body Corporate and Community Management Act 1997 and the applicable Regulations. The regulations that apply to any particular body corporate will depend on how the body corporate was registered at inception.

Body Corporate Manager
A body corporate may elect to engage a body corporate manager to ensure compliance with body corporate legislation and for the provision of administrative services.

A body corporate manager is engaged by the body corporate as an independent professional and not as a body corporate employee to provide agreed administrative services only.

AAA Certified Changeover Process

If your current body corporate management agreement is due to expire and preferably two months before your Annual General Meeting, contact AAA Certified. Provide us with the dates and request a written proposal and a motion to appoint AAA Certified to be included at your next general meeting. Contact your other owners to ensure support for your proposal. Once your proposal is accepted by the majority of owners, advise us and relax as we do the rest.

To facilitate the handover from your existing body corporate manager we carry out the following at no cost.

  • Arrange for the collection of records and conduct an inspection of your existing documents
  • Review levies and arrears
  • Open a body corporate bank account in the name of the body corporate
  • Review compliance with current legislation
  • Set up your body corporate on our system


AAA Certified Body Corporate Management (AAA Certified) was registered on the Sunshine Coast in 2002 to provide first class body corporate management services. Our offices, spacious meeting room and refreshment area were specifically designed for body corporate business.


118 Nicklin Way, Warana QLD 4575, Australia

07 5437 7751


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